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Worship Leadership Workbook
Worship Leadership Workbook
Worship Leadership Workbook
Worship Leadership Workbook
Worship Leadership Workbook
Worship Leadership Workbook

Centerpoint School of Ministry

Worship Leadership Workbook


Worship Leadership

This course will provide an in-depth study of worship leadership in three parts: God's design for worship in the church, worship team management and leadership, and personal skill development. We will be discovering God's intention for how we are to facilitate worship experiences for congregations. We will dive deeper into the operations of team management and learn how to reach beyond talent in order to learn all the components involved in building an effective worship ministry. We will also learn the importance of developing and multiplying the talents that God has given us.

Key Outcomes

  • To discover God's original design for worship in the church.
  • To discover the different heart postures of worship, such as adoration, reflection, message of the Cross, identity, faithfulness, and more.
  • To thoroughly unpack what the Bible says about worship, and how biblical worship is not "old worship", it is heaven's worship. And heaven's worship must be our worship.
  • To understand our roles and responsibilities as worship leaders.
  • To empower worship leaders to lead confidently from the platform, both as vocalists and instrumentalists.
  • To understand the functionality of a worship department: worship leader, song leader, music director, vocal director, support vocals, instrumentalists, etc.
  • To learn how to shape worship setlists with intentionality.
  • How to engage a congregation's participations and response.
  • Formulate speaking segments embedded into worship sets.
  • Understand how music inspires and motivates.
  • To learn how to songwrite and compose music.

Donavan Smith

Donavan Smith is a full time musician and minister. He has been passionate about music, specifically the piano since the age of 5, and has worked as a Music Director/Producer since 2008. He is currently on staff as the Worship Arts Pastor for Centerpoint Church in Murrieta California. He began by serving on the worship team at his local church at 13 years old. He continued to participate in worship experiences throughout High School and into College where he studied music theory, music composition, and bible theology. He participated in an internship at a recording studio where he learned sound engineering, producing, and song editing. He received his first opportunity to music direct at one of the largest churches in Southern California, Crossroads Christian Church in Corona. After years of hard work and experience, he eventually made his way to earning a living by just doing what he loves. He has had the privilege of traveling throughout the United States and around the world to music direct for featured artists, train worship leaders, and consult for churches to assist in developing their worship ministry.