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Revival Lifestyle Workbook
Revival Lifestyle Workbook
Revival Lifestyle Workbook
Revival Lifestyle Workbook
Revival Lifestyle Workbook
Revival Lifestyle Workbook

Centerpoint School of Ministry

Revival Lifestyle Workbook



Revival Lifestyle

Most Christians have heard and even prayed, "Lord, we need a revival!" We want the igniting power of God to be expressed in our lifetime, and we want to be a part of that expression. If revival was dependant on our love, how close are we to seeing it? This course will take participants on a journey to discover God's original intention for revival and how it applies to our everyday life. We will do this by studying church history, finding our place in His story, and learning how to maintain the fire of God in our lives. I'm inviting you to come and burn with me.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand God’s original design as it is connected to revival on the earth.
  • Understand how to strengthen yourself in the Lord and live a revival lifestyle.
  • Identify how Kingdom honor influences our soul and how to maintain an internal culture of honor that influences the environments we are in.
  • Articulate an understanding of surrender as it pertains to the Christian life and how that affects interaction with leaders, family, colleagues and the greater community.
  • Identify how our story fits into church history.
  • Identify God's plan for our commissioning and empowerment to bring heaven to earth.

Christina Andriese

Christina Andriese describes herself as a lover of God and people. She is a pastor and senior leader at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta. She loves to take in any opportunity to connect with people's hearts and to encourage them to become the best version of themselves. Her dream is to see the church awaken to her full potential - to see humanity walk in freedom - ignited by hope, empowered to dream, and equipped to operate out of the resurrection power that Jesus provides!

Christina and her husband Ian live in Murrieta with their three incredible kids, Aria, Ethan, and Luke. Being a mom and wife is the greatest dream in her heart. She tends to be the life of any party she attends, and at home is often instigating adventures and new experiences for the family to enjoy. She plays hard, works hard, sleeps hard, and loves hard.