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Ministry Teams Workbook
Ministry Teams Workbook
Ministry Teams Workbook
Ministry Teams Workbook
Ministry Teams Workbook
Ministry Teams Workbook

Centerpoint School of Ministry

Ministry Teams Workbook



This curriculum is designed to help you create and grow a healthy team; from foundational aspects like identifying the team’s purpose, to understanding what a team needs in order to operate and achieve its purpose, we will spend eight weeks digging deeply into dynamics, tools, spiritual formations, and leadership requirements. We will evaluate what culture is and learn how to develop it from a spiritual and natural perspective; we will look at key drivers for creating and maintaining a motivated team; we will discuss communication techniques your team will require and how to utilize tools to recruit and manage volunteers; we will consider the importance of others’ values and how to be considerate of their hopes and dreams. Ministry Teams will help leaders discover how to support their teams from a Christ-like perspective.

Key Outcomes

  • To clarify the purpose behind God's calling on your life
  • Learn to identify the needs of the team
  • How to start and grow a healthy team
  • Learn the importance of intentional character development within the team
  • Learn how to identify the gifts on someone's life and help them release those gifts
  • Develop healthy communication strategies
  • Learn to utilize tools to communicate clearly within teams
  • How to utilize the latest team management tools
  • Discover the key drivers for your team
  • How to develop training plans
  • How to diagnose an unhealthy team and find resolution

Stuart Macklin

Stuart had a powerful encounter with Jesus during his cancer treatment in 2008. He was miraculously healed and discovered a strong thirst to grow and learn as much as he could. He attended Bible College in Australia and then traveled across Asia and Africa on missions and with evangelism organizations. He studied at Iris Missions School in Mozambique and specializes in building teams and assisting people to step into their ministry calling.

The Lord is now using his business knowledge on organizational structure and business growth skills to serve the Body of Christ. He currently serves as the Director of the School of Ministry at Centerpoint Church. In his spare time, he has co-authored five children's books with his wife and enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and long hikes with his Welsh Corgi dog.