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Ministry Growth Workbook
Ministry Growth Workbook
Ministry Growth Workbook
Ministry Growth Workbook
Ministry Growth Workbook
Ministry Growth Workbook
Ministry Growth Workbook

Centerpoint School of Ministry

Ministry Growth Workbook



In this course, we will develop a biblical foundation for understanding how and why God desires our participation. From this biblical foundation, we will then begin to form a strategic plan to grow what God has placed inside you. Learn market research techniques, financial management, and other ways to multiply your impact: how to set your short and long term goals; how to improve your communication strategy; how others can get involved; what systems to use; how to raise up leaders; how to review and measure the success of the ministry; what ministry cycles you should expect and how will you need to grow and change your techniques as the ministry grows. Learn how to identify what positions you need to fill, potential threats, and how to manage teams in a healthy and dynamic way. 

Key Outcomes 

  • To develop a depth of understanding of how God leads us in ministry. 
  • To understand the importance of God’s plan and purpose in your life. 
  • To deepen your understanding of the passion and purpose that lies inside of you. 
  • To understand how to develop systems that assist in the management of the resources God gives you. 
  • How to think through strategies to grow and flourish ministries. 
  • To think big picture, learn how to cast vision and help others see the vision of what God has put on your heart. 
  • To realize the importance of conviction and counting the cost. 
  • To understand how to be an overcomer. 
  • To be equipped with a wide variety of management techniques. 

Stuart Macklin

Stuart had a powerful encounter with Jesus during his cancer treatment in 2008. He was miraculously healed and discovered a strong thirst to grow and learn as much as he could. He joined Bible College in Australia and then traveled across Asia and Africa on missions and with evangelism organizations. He studied at Iris Missions School in Mozambique and specializes in building teams and assisting people to step into their ministry calling. 

The Lord is now using his business knowledge on organizational structure and business growth skills to serve the Body of Christ. He currently serves as the Director of the School of Ministry at Centerpoint Church. In his spare time, he has co-authored five children's books with his wife and enjoys snowboarding, traveling and long hikes with his Welsh Corgi dog.