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Event Management Workbook
Event Management Workbook
Event Management Workbook
Event Management Workbook
Event Management Workbook
Event Management Workbook

Centerpoint School of Ministry

Event Management Workbook


Event Management

This course will equip students with practical foundational skills to create and execute a real-time ministry event. Students will discover the WHY: Who? How? You! method of planning a singular event, as well as gain an overarching vision for how events create the culture for any ongoing multifaceted ministry. The Lord has a pretty clear track record of intersecting the eternity of Heaven with the temporal of Earth through specific encounters. Whether personally or corporately, by allowing for moments that interrupt our rhythms and routines, we are posturing ourselves to have life-changing encounters with Jesus and His Bride. Over the next eight weeks, students will learn excellence in strategic planning and why it matters to the heart of God. We will finish this course with a clear vision for producing and sustaining multiple successful ministry events while being empowered to lead and execute with personal practicum experience.

Key Outcomes

  • To understand the Biblical expression of moments, events, and encounters and why they matter.
  • To discover how Jesus intersects Heaven and Earth through events, both individually and corporately.
  • To formulate a foundational systematic strategy that will introduce the "WHY: Who? How? You!" methodology of strategic planning.
  • To become empowered to envision, plan, and execute successful events.
  • To be activated in the skillsets of strategic planning, ownership, and delegation.
  • To learn the importance of dreaming, creating, scheduling, planning, budgeting, recruiting, delegating, executing, implementing, and evaluating intentionally.
  • To thoroughly execute an original event idea with a team from conception to fruition.
  • To gain knowledge and experience in the areas of organization and excellence.
  • To highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style, giftedness, and abilities and how to apply them to your success in ministry life.
  • To bring an awareness of the overarching rhythm of a year's worth of events, services, camps, retreats, and programs, and how they holistically affect ministry culture.

Pastor Heather Sanford

Heather Sanford began her ministry journey in Young Life, and she spent over 25 years serving teenagers in youth ministry. Recently, she took on a new role on the senior leadership team at Centerpoint church as the Weekend Experience Pastor. Her new role capitalizes on her gifting as both a visionary and an extrovert with a heart for the lost. She has a passion to bring freedom to those who are bound (especially in religiosity), and a zeal for living life to the fullest! She is wife to Joshua, Mom to Bayli and Obadiah (Obi), friend to many, mentor to the lucky ones, and child of the King! You can often find her singing karaoke, laughing with friends, traveling the world, living on the edge, and pushing the envelope toward authenticity... but always at the center of the grace and goodness of Jesus, learning to love Him most while loving others!