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Design Management
Design Management
Design Management


Design Management


Design Management

The objective of this 8-week course is to teach you about the significance and process of design. We will look at the history of church architecture as well as its biblical contexts. We will examine the effects that design has on the consumer from a psychological perspective as well as the effects of our environment. We will learn about the rules of good design. We will examine the power of graphics. Lastly, we will begin to learn how to creatively and strategically communicate your story throughout your environment through the process of design.

Key Outcomes

  • To discover what the Bible has to say about design and the ways that God has demonstrated His own creativity
  • To learn about the historical significance of church architecture
  • To develop an understanding of the psychology of design
  • To understand the impact of your physical environment
  • To develop an understanding of the rules of design and how to use them wisely and effectively in your own process
  • To learn about the importance of clear, intentional branding and design communication
  • To learn about the power of graphic design and its ability to visually communicate your message quickly and effectively
  • To discover the art of telling your story throughout your environment as a powerful means of communication
  • To develop a process for designing the ideas God has put into your imagination

Andrea Van Soest

Andrea van Soest is an interior designer based in Murrieta, California. She studied interior design at UCLA and UC Riverside and has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Organization Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University.

Along with her husband, she has been flipping houses for the last decade, which has led to her designing hundreds of homes. She is also the course facilitator for Design Management at Centerpoint School of Ministry.