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Christian NonProfit
Christian NonProfit
Christian NonProfit
Christian NonProfit
Christian NonProfit
Christian NonProfit

Centerpoint School of Ministry

Christian NonProfit


Christian Nonprofit

This eight-week course will take a holistic look at faith-based nonprofit ministry work following a four-part model of Cause, Organization, Impact, and Invitation. After exploring the biblical language behind social causes, we will dive into organizational design including the creation of mission and vision statements. We will learn about leadership roles and responsibilities, and explore how to convey impact and capture attention through various modes of communication. Nonprofits need funding to operate, so we will discuss the best way to go about seeking funds. This class will explore the principles of biblical generosity and discover that transformational fundraising methods can bless both those who give and receive. Ultimately, the goal of this course is to give students a basic knowledge of and preparation for nonprofit work as God calls us to serve in our communities and around the world.

Key Outcomes

  • We will uncover a personal passion for biblical causes that Jesus calls us to serve.
  • Acquire a basic skill set and understanding of nonprofit fundraising as a ministry.
  • Understand the relationship between Church and parachurch (nonprofit) organizations.
  • Explore the fundamental shift in perspective from transactional to transformational relationships.
  • Learn how to cultivate relationships and strategically grow champions who loyally serve a nonprofit organization.
  • Craft mission and vision statements that will effectively chart a direction for any organization.
  • Explore biblical leadership and the role that the nonprofit board and executive directors each play.
  • Develop tools to communicate impact through a model of Acknowledge, Invite, and Report which will also include the art of storytelling.
  • Discover the joy and purpose that comes with true biblical generosity.

Maria Zalesky

Maria Zalesky serves as the Area Director for Mission Increase for the Inland Valley region of Southern California. She has over fifteen years of experience in fundraising in both the higher education and nonprofit sectors. Maria began her fundraising career at UC Davis holding positions in Athletics Development and Parent Relations. After moving to Southern California, Maria served as a Regional Director of Development and Director of Ruby Women (a women's philanthropy group) at Biola University before following her calling to nonprofit work at Make-A-Wish. Upon completing her degree at the University of Iowa majoring in Communications, Spanish, and Education, Maria and her husband Lennie taught high school in Alaska from 1990-98. She is excited the God has now called her to serve local Christian nonprofits combining her fundraising, teaching, and coaching background. Maria and Lennie live in Corona and their two grown children live in Montana and San Diego.