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Living Whole
Living Whole
Living Whole


Living Whole


Our Living Whole class will grow out of one overarching question: What is God’s original design for healthy human living? This question will lead us to ask and examine a multitude of others. We will work together to identify a theologically sound metric for healing and health. We will ask ourselves and each other if complete health is maintainable, if it is transferable, and if the enemy is powerful enough to distort the truth that “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life”. We will also ask things like: “Where can we find play in the nature of God?”; “What is the tension between faith and information, and how do we navigate it?”; “What tools are available to me as I seek completeness?”; and “How can I define and measure health so that I can minister to others who are seeking it?” This will be our ultimate goal: to launch you into your God-given calling and purpose, ministering from completeness.

Key Outcomes

  • To discover God’s original design for health and develop in that design.
  • To define a metric or standard by which to measure our maturity in our journey toward holistic health.
  • To begin to articulate a "theology of healing," a "theology for healing", and "theology from healing."
  • To discover Biblical examples of completeness, as well as modern tools to help us accomplish this goal.
  • To examine and experience different healing methodologies through the lens of Christian faith.
  • To begin to think about and pursue health that is shaped by (a) intimacy with the Trinity and (b) an appreciation of God’s intent, justice, and love.
  • To experience the transformative power of empathy and community through Socratic discussions relating to physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • To ask deep, challenging questions about our own completeness.
  • To have a radical encounter with Jehovah Rapha.

Tracy Meeker

Tracy Meeker is the Assistant Children’s Ministry Director at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, CA. She also serves in the Prophetic Ministry, both on the prayer team and as an artist. She has two incredible children, Wyatt and Charlotte, and a German Shepherd mix named Daisy. In addition to her work on staff at the church, Tracy is an adjunct professor at a local community college. As a part of Centerpoint’s School of Ministry, Tracy is passionate about seeing the next generation of leaders have a deep, meaningful understanding of health and the many modes of healing made available to us by our Creator. Tracy’s core values of Freedom and Learning inform all aspects of her work and her quest to see the healthiest generation of ministers launched into the church body and the world at large.