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Walk into Wholeness!

You have a God-given calling and purpose! But the hurts that we carry with us can block us from stepping into those plans and purposes! Join Tracy Meeker as she takes students on a journey towards holistic health. Learn how to understand who you are and why you’re wired the way you are, discover tools for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and discover how to be the most whole version of yourself!

about tracy

Tracy Meeker is the Children’s Ministry Director at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, CA. She also serves in the Prophetic Ministry, both on the prayer team and as an artist. She has two incredible children, Wyatt and Charlotte, and a German Shepherd mix named Daisy. In addition to her work on staff at the church, Tracy is an adjunct professor at a local community college. As a part of Centerpoint’s School of Ministry, Tracy is passionate about seeing the next generation of leaders have a deep, meaningful understanding of health and the many modes of healing made available to us by our Creator. Tracy’s core values of Freedom and Learning inform all aspects of her work and her quest to see the healthiest generation of ministers launched into the church body and the world at large.

8 Lessons

Discover how to live in wholeness n in 8 powerful lectures! You'll learn how to begin your journey into wholeness with the best steps!

Online Workbook

Receive digital access to our online workbook, featuring chapters on emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness or purchase a physical copy!

learn from the best

Step into emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness as Tracy Meeker shares what she has learned from her own journey into wholeness.