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Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

John Hansen - Lead Pastor

Filled to Flow

Christine Andriese - Pastor

Relationship Dynamics

Don Rogers - Founder ELI

Missional Intentionality

Esther De Witt

Family Ministry Techniques

Ann Hansen - Lead Pastor

Freedom Prayer

Glen Prior - Executive Pastor

Ministry Hermeneutics

Tracy Serpa - Master of Education

Holistic Health

Stuart Macklin - CPSOM Director

Building Teams & Culture

Season Bowers - Joy Bringer Ministries

Storytelling Past, Present & Future

James Fransz - Next Generations Pastor

Youth Ministry

Brian Howley - Media Manager

Brian Howley - Media Manager

Maria Zalesky - Financial Director

The Non Profit

Donovan Smith - Worship Pastor

Ministry Heart of Worship

Darryl Daniels - First Impressions Director

Leadership Techniques

Andrea Van Soest- Design Expert

Design Managment