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Discover Who You Are

This course seeks to provide a deeper understanding of what it means to live as children of God, with Him as Father. We will examine Old and New Testament Scriptures that reveal God’s intention and heart for us: to be our Father. We will also examine the life of Jesus and his relationship with Father God, how Jesus lived from a place of intimacy with the Father, and what is available to us as children of God through Jesus Christ. The course highlights specific concepts of the Father-child relationship that include: identity, living under God’s affection, God’s wisdom and protection, a biblical understanding of provision, God’s discipline, growth as a believer, and God’s destiny for His children.


About the Course Instructor

Ann Hansen

Ann Hansen is a pastor, speaker, and teacher. She is known for being a joyful, fun, and playful person who carries a deep level of spiritual authority. As the Pastor of Freedom Ministries and Staff Culture at Centerpoint church, she lives out her passion to help people find freedom and experience activations in their spiritual gifts. Ann has been married to her husband John for more than 15 years. They are the founders of Centerpoint Ministries in Murrieta, CA and Filled to Flow Ministries. Ann is a graduate of UVA and has an MA from Fuller Seminary, where she and John met. Ann launched the Freedom Prayer and Prophetic ministries of Centerpoint Church out of her passion to see people set free and filled with hope.


Ann lives in Murrieta, CA together with John and their three kids, where she spends the majority of her time praying for people for inner healing and deliverance. When she’s not helping people find freedom and hope in the Holy Spirit, she’s most likely to be found scoping out the latest finds at HomeGoods or getting her nails done.

8 Lessons

Discover the truth of who God says you are in 7 life changing sessions. You’ll discover how to truly walk in relationship with the Father and to embrace the truth of His love for you.

Online Workbook

Receive digital access to our online workbook, with chapters on authority, relationship, God’s heart for for you and more. Or purchase a physical copy!

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Discover how God sees you, who God created you to be and the blessings and rights that come with being a child of God. Discover who God created you to be.