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Good financial planning will ensure you are free to walk into all God has for you

Strategic Plan for Financial Success

Centerpoint School of Ministry is committed not to leave students in debt at the end of their time with us. We will give you the tools and skills for financial stability. One year at CPSOM is $3495 and successful applicants are required to pay a nonrefundable deposit of $500. Here is a strategy to ensure that finances will not be a burden.

1) Be Proactive

Start paying something! If you start to pay something, you have taken authority over your own destiny and put yourself in a heart posture of stepping out in faith. The hardest thing we ever do is part with our hard earned money, but the Bible tells us “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” (Matthew 6:21). So when you put your heart in the right posture of trusting God with your finances and your destiny by stepping out in faith, you begin to store up a treasure that is worth far more than what you could do on your own.

2) Grace to the Humble

So often, we want to do everything ourselves, and have everyone see how great we are. When we do this, we miss the opportunity for others to receive God’s blessing. By going lower and inviting others to support our call, it not only grows faith, and understanding of who we are but also shows humility to God by allowing others to bless us.

3) Work for It

Scripture tells us that we are created to work (Genesis 1:28. Genesis 2:15). Start today and put your resume into a variety of jobs and see if God opens doors. By working, you empower yourself and show God that you can be faithful with small things

4) Be Creative

Think outside of the box and come up with creative ways to use gifts or resources that God has given you to generate funds. Sell artwork! Make tamales! Have a garage sale!

5) Persevere

Perseverance is a fruit of the spirit, so when you preserve, you are operating in God's kingdom and this is how you gain victory!. This journey may seem daunting or impossible sometimes, but when you lean in and work hard, you will see victory!

How to Write a Letter to Rise Finance

Come Up With a Plan and Share It

Come up with a basic plan for how you will use donations, and stick to it. Share it with your donors. Be clear about what the funds will be used for, how much you need and what you will do with extra funds. A 1-year course at CPSOM costs $3495, and you will be required to attend 18 courses but will be allowed to take up to 20 courses, along with spiritual development courses, chapel, and other meaningful experiences that will change your life.

How Will You Use the Money?

Show your donors that you are going to be faithful with their resources. Keep in mind that you are asking them to invest in you and your future, and make sure to share some of the ways that you are going to reinvest what they’ve invested in you.
Share your dreams, goals, and plans for the future! Tell them what you are going to do after the school of ministry! Let them know about the future opportunities that will be available to you once you complete the program. People will be more likely to give if they know that you are going to be faithful with what they give.


Keep your donors in the loop about your journey! Update your donors when you use the funds to pay your deposit or to hit a big milestone in funding, let them know about any challenges you might encounter and be transparent about the use of donations! And during the school year, make sure to keep your loved ones updated on how you’re growing from the program! Make sure to keep people who have supported you financially or in other ways are able to remain a part of the journey with you by keeping them updated on the journey!

Be Yourself

When you write your letter, start by introducing yourself. Let your donors know who you are, and share a little about your journey. Tell them about where you’ve been and invite them to come along on the journey with you!

Be Grateful!

Write your letter from a heart posture of gratitude and humility! Be very careful about the language you use in your letter and the tone that you use. Don’t try to guilt people into giving you money, but instead, be authentic in your approach. Make sure to thank donors, and to let them know that you appreciate whatever support you get- even if it’s just sharing your campaign or holding you in prayer!