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Tell Your Story Through Design

The story that we convey through our design choices matters, but all too often, design gets overlooked, misunderstood, or just not done well. In this course, Andrea Van Soest, owner of Vantage Design Studios in Murrieta, California, teaches students how to design a space well! Students will discover the biblical and cultural history of design, learn about the impact of design both environmentally and psychologically, and explore how they can tell the story they want to tell through design


About the Course Instructor

Andrea van Soest

Andrea van Soest is an interior designer based in Murrieta, California. She studied interior design at UCLA and UC Riverside and obtained a bachelors degree in Industrial Organization Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University. Along with her husband, she has been flipping houses for the last decade, which has led to her designing hundreds of homes. She is also the course facilitator for Design Management at Centerpoint School of Ministry.

8 Lessons

Discover the history. effects and process of design in 8 powerful lectures!

Online Workbook

Receive digital access to our online workbook, with chapters on architecture, interior design, graphic design and more.

learn from the best

Learn from Andrea van Soest, an experienced designer who has designed hundreds of homes, and from pioneering guest speakers!