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The Centerpoint School of Ministry has an advanced curriculum that prepares students for the dynamics of a ministry, as well as starting a business with Kingdom values. Our courses are based on 32 weeks of full-time study. During your course, you’re taught a wide range of topics, such as financial planning, brand development, media management, team building, and spearheading new initiatives. These skills are accompanied by biblical teachings, practical ministry strategies, and how to experience the Holy Spirit. Our teachers are highly skilled at teaching students the ways and methods to achieve success in various industries, in line with ministry values. The investment you make into learning from us will pay you back in the form of knowledge and valuable skills. We have also maintained an atmosphere of faith and a Christian community while strengthening your foundation. For full-time students, we offer 20 core topics for the entire year. One year is divided into four quarters of eight weeks each, with on-ramps starting in the fall and the spring.

Have a look at our courses below:

Filled to Flow (Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit)


The Holy Spirit fills us with its love whenever we’re carrying out our ministerial duties and serving him through our words and actions. This course highlights the tools you need to flow in the Holy Spirit.

Pastoring (How to Pastor a Church)


We provide you with pastoral and leadership teachings and also teach you how you can pastor an entire church on your own, including all the processes and techniques involved with it.

Healthy Families (Practical Tools for Your Family)


We believe that your individual growth is contingent on your family’s growth. We also provide you with practical tools that help you build a healthy family, where each one is equally invested in your training and growth.

Leadership (Leadership Development)


We teach you a complete range of leadership techniques and principles, which are sourced from CEOs of the world’s top companies and missional organizations. These are coupled with planning, time management, self-reflection, and analyzing successes.

Apologetics (What do we believe?)


This course prepares students for the methodologies and teachings that they need to defend Christianity against objections and arguments. We equip them with the history of apologists, starting from Paul the Apostle to modern-day apologists..

Identity (Discover how God sees you)


This course tells you all about how you can learn how God views you. Even as people of God, we have very different views of our identity, and this will help you understand that God loves you more than you think.

We're focused on equipping you with the tools you'll need to be successful in life

Discover your Story (Storytelling, Past, Present, and Future)


You are taught the art of storytelling in the past, present, and future. Teaching is guided through certain concepts, like the keys to successful storytelling, its importance, changing mediums, and much more. Moreover, the future of storytelling will also be discussed.

Hermeneutics (How to Study the Bible)


This course allows you to apply academics and research to your Christian belief and practice. Our students are taught how to read and study scriptures, biblical background and history, traditional and modern interpretations of the Bible, and spiritual applications in contemporary life.

Living Whole (Managing Health)


Taking care of your health is extremely important for a successful and fulfilling life. This course teaches you how to manage your health along with your goals and successes.

Teams (Building Teams & Culture)


This course teaches you the skill of building teams and adopting change management techniques. It teaches you how to apply change management in ministry development and building.

Names of God (Revealing Holiness)


We introduce you to God in one being and three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You’re taught about the divinity of God from the beginning of time through this course.

Revival Lifestyle (Importance of Revival Lifestyle)


A revival is extremely important for you to leave your current state and embrace God’s plan. This course teaches you how to build a stronger relationship with God and become a part of his family.

The school is designed to equip future leaders

Worship (Heart of Worship)


Worship is one of the core elements of Christian belief and practices, and this course takes you through the history of worship, as well as contemporary worship methods.

Missional Life (Church on the Move)


A church is not a building made of stone, rather it’s the gathering of believers. Hence, we help you transcend the walls of the institute and go out to begin your missional journey.

Ministry Life (Empowered for Purpose)


We teach you the basics and dynamics of ministry life, which involves scheduling and planning, as well as gaining wisdom, moving closer to your purpose, keeping your heart well-guarded, and experiencing the love of Christ in your life daily.

Discipleship (Developing and Growing Small Groups)


This course revolves around the basics of discipleship and how it’s used to impart Christian values to our students. We split the students into small groups and assign a leader to them, whose job is to provide them with the tools and teachings they need to grow together and become successful.

Learn how to pioneer new initiatives

Preaching (Homiletics-how to preach)


This course is based on the principles of Christian preaching. It teaches you how to prepare for Biblical exposition by preparing sermons through its components, finding sources, different types of sermons, and their delivery.

Agape: Made Perfect in Love (How to Follow/Servanthood/Humility)


Agape, or true Christian love, is higher than other forms of love that you find on this earth. This course takes you through all the values of agape love, such as fellowship, servanthood, humility, and much more.

Entrepreneur-elective (Innovate to Spread the Gospel)


This elective course is specially designed for you to learn how you can find opportunities to spread the gospel in the marketplace. It equips and empowers you to release your gifting and turn them into a thriving business.