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How to Become a Worship Leader

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What does it take to be a worship leader? What qualifies us to lead others into worship? Does God only choose those who have musical talent and charismatic personalities?

A worship leader helps guide others into declaring and magnifying the greatness of God through song and music. They not only lead worship on Sundays but also work on setlist planning, songwriting, weekend debrief, all while improving their skills by consistent, dedicated practice during the week. Their main focus shouldn’t be on selecting that “perfect” set list but to recognize what God is doing, how people are connecting with Him and how they can lead worship to stir a deeper level of that connection.

So you may be asking yourself, “Where do I start?” We’d like to give you some practical steps into becoming a worship leader if you feel God is calling you to this special, life-changing role.

1.PRAY about it! Prayer is the most integral part as you explore this exciting opportunity to become a worship leader. Allow yourself to have some quiet time with God to better hear His voice. He will speak if we sit in expectancy with listening ears. Even if you’re questioning if you are actually called to be a worship leader… if God has called you, he will guide you to it.

2.Build and improve your skills Nothing tests your skills like leading a group of people in worship. Look for ways to improve your musical talents, meet with musical mentors/teachers for lessons and intellect, and practice, practice, practice! Luckily, musical mastery doesn’t qualify us to become worship leaders, but God does want us to take it seriously. Psalm 33:3 says, “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully on the strings with loud shouts.”

3.Gain experience Along with practice, experience is key to becoming a successful worship leader. Leading worship can fall flat when you don’t have the experience required. You may not become a worship leader right away, but being a part of a team will shape you and help you gain the experience you need. Be ok with messing up. Take risks and trust God to move regardless of your shortcomings.

4.Be reliable and available 95% of worship leading is just showing up. Consistency speaks volumes and will open doors to new opportunities. Take advantage of these new opportunities and allow them to build a solid base of experience that you need.